Premium Project name: World Map Video Image Logo
Official information: Videohive 8565616
Perfect use for: company branches, countries, country map, global coverage, globe, marketing, modern identity, multi video, network , and more.
Compatible software: Adobe After Effects CS4 or Above
Folder name: World Map Video Image Logo | Videohive 8565616 | Design-assets.Com
Total size 19.5 MB
Review Files & Download:


The “Corporate World Map Video/Image Logo” is a special, innovative, and specific opener designed for your Corporate Presentations and News Openers.

It is a helpful tool to use during your Business presentations or for your Company Teasers, Web Promos, International Videos,…

It also comes with some main features:

  • A Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 px
  • There are 35 Video Placeholders and an addition of 1 Logo and 1 Text Placeholder
  • The project consists of 2 different versions: a Logo and a Title version
  • No need for a plugin during use.

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