Download VIZPARK Real Boulders 3Ds Max! A great boulder model library for 3DS Max users.

The reason they are called Real is the fact that 15 extremely realistic boulders have been constructed from the actual world boulders through photogrammetry, using highly efficient methods to deliver realism.

Can be form every possible angle. To ensure all kinds of mapping like DIFFUSE, REFLECTION, BUMP, DISPLACEMENT and NORMAL the model has been given extreme resolution 4k maps this ensures high compatibility as well as comfortable usage.


VIZPARK Real Boulders 3Ds Max
Part 1 (400 Mb) – Part 2 (400 Mb)– Part 3 (400 Mb) – Part 4 (400 Mb) – Part 5 (400 Mb) – Part 6 (381 Mb)

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