Download FREE Udemy The complete AutoCAD 2018-19 course, A whole course for knowledge AutoCAD from scrape to the expert level.

This sequence is a full AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 learning package that includes nearly all the topics you ever need to work with this software. The course is designed for learners as well as experienced users.

What you’ll learn?

  • Create and edit your own AutoCAD drawings, plans, and layouts
  • Use AutoCAD basic and pre-mining tools conveniently


The complete AutoCAD 2018-19 course
Part 1 (500 Mb) – Part 2  (500 Mb) – Part 3  (500 Mb) – Part 4  (500 Mb)– Part 5  (500 Mb) – Part 6  (500 Mb) – Part 7  (366 Mb)


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