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What are featured in this course:

  • How to make 3D game assets
  • How to utilize 3Ds Max for developing game
  • How to model a high-res mesh and fit it to a specific screen resolution
  • The way to unlock UVW potential in 3Ds Max
  • The way to work with models using Substance Painter


Have 3Ds Max (any version) installation on your computer.
Have Substance Painter program on your computer.


This course includes all of the fundamentals of making 3d model game assets. These methods will enable students to convert their ideal characters or objects. First, it will introduce students to the finished product, and then step by step lead students through process of creating that specific model. The techniques shown in this course, are very helpful and allow game modelers to quickly create their unique props to develop environments and game levels.

The course includes the latest modeling techniques combined with tried and tested processes to provide realistic experience new for artists in game modeling work, so that they can find their feet and start achieving professional results.

Best suited for:
Beginner Modelers
3D Artists
3D game assets enthusiast.


Udemy – 3Ds Max Game Modeling: Complete 3D Modeling in 3Ds Max
Part 1 – Part 11 (Total: 10 Gb)


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