Get FREE download link for SplineLand 1.047 for 3ds Max 2014 to 2020 Win. Fast download link!

A plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, SplineLand v1.047 is a great help in generating topographically accurate terrains from a set of splines and lay roads. Such impressive accuracy can’t be achieved without SplineLand in 3ds Max. With SplineLand you can do it so quickly, just a few clicks away from your topographical data in form of splines can become a terrain.

Splines can be topographic contours in one each plane, or just any shape.

What is featured in this version?

  • Creating precise and topologically correct terrains from the already available splines which represent topographic contours.
  • Strong algorithm which enables user to control level of accuracy where you need, just by adding or leaveing out splines in that specific area, without overusing the whole scene.
  • Ability to use any types of splines, including open splines
    With SplineLand you can create roads over the terrain as well as make and flatten areas, generate bedding courses and ground cuts at desired angles and heights.
  • Feature to assign ID to various terrain details.

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