Download and get FREE Skillshare – Vray Materials with 3ds Max + Vray : The Quickest Way!

The best way to do is simply and quickly is to make a library of genuine as well as realistic materials. The purpose of the library is that these materials are readily available in 3ds Max and Vray in under 60 minutes, for repetitive use.

The project is made to accommodate all levels or users; this will aid you in learning ways to create your own

Vray material library. Understand the importance of materials as they are there to bring genuine realism in your pictures.  You will get a step by step guide of how to achieve that.

It can be used by various professionals like Interior Designers, Architects, 3D Generalists, 3D Visualization makers, 3D Artists, 3Ds Max Users or professional who are just looking to create a perfect 3D render.

DOWNLOAD   (download)
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