Download FREE Skillshare – Maya 3D Rigging – Learn How to Quickly Rig a Biped Character for Animation! Free direct links shared!

If you love to do animation by using the rigging process, but you are afraid of doing rigging for so many modeled characters, then you should not now. Because it is the right place to learn in a very easy way.

This course will bring you a very quick and easy way to learn animation for your 3D models by a rigging process. Not only this but also you will learn how to capture motion. At the end of this course, you would have learnt all of these above, and you would be able to see life by using characters.


Maya 3D Rigging – Learn How to Quickly Rig a Biped Character for Animation
Part 1 (120 Mb) – Part 2 (120 Mb)– Part 3 (120 Mb) – Part 4 (120 Mb) – Part 5 (91 Mb)

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