Get FREE lessons on Adobe Photoshop. Learn the basics, download understandable tutorials. Come get Fast DOWNLOAD link Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.


  • How to set up resolution and workspace
  • How to use the tool panel
  • Handle the options bar
  • Status bar and panel uses


  • Manage the Navigation panel and the display
  • Rules, marks, and grid uses.


  • Create new, open, or close a document
  • Save and use formats
  • Save an image for the Web


  • How to handle the historical panel
  • Make a snapshot
  • Create a document from a report or snapshot
  • Set options in history


  • Displacement tools and selection tools
  • The lasso, the magic wand, the quick selection
  • Memorize and retrieve a selection,
  • Extend or reduce a selection
  • Select or deselect everything.
  • Improve the outline / smooth a selection


  • Color selection and pipette tool
  • Manage the color panel / color chart
  • Choose a color with the selector / Manage color library
  • Convert to Bitmap, Duotone, CMYK .


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