Premium Project name: New Line – Corporate Presentation
Official information: Videohive 21462389
Perfect use for: clean, corporate, dynamic, lines, modern, opener and more
Compatible software: Adobe PREMIERE CC 2017 or Above
Folder name: New Line – Corporate Presentation – Videohive 21462389
Total size 55.9 MB
Review Files & Download:

The “New Line Corporate” is an amazing Premiere Pro template which is delicately created and exquisitely animated slideshow by using minimal text animations and up-to-date transitioning effects.

It also has some key features including:

  • 10 Places for images and/or videos
  • 10 image/video placeholders, 9 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder
  • Clean Titles
  • There is no need for a plugin to be set up when use


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