Download Lynda – Unity and ARKit: Using Augmented Reality in Building a Drivable Car – Free.

Learn on making a drivable car in the Augmented Reality (AR) through the use of ARKit and Unity framework from Apple. Tutor Parth Anand assists you in boosting your understanding in AR together with enhancing your skills in Unity. He will guide you on the creation of an AR app step by step allowing you to driving a realistic car against the backdrop in the real-world.

Topics Included:

  • How to work with the ARHit Test script
  • Interaction with the 3D objects in AR
  • The car model addition
  • Adding of the touch control
  • Resolving of bugs and then running the app
  • Adding realistic shadows and reflections
  • Changing the color of the car
  • Animating a car door that opens and closes

Download Unity and ARKit: Using Augmented Reality in Building a Drivable Car

Lynda – ARKit and Unity Build a Drivable Car in A…   (download)
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Cisco 400-051 Doc : CCIE Collaboration

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