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In this course, you will be guided through how to make your own movies with SOLIDWORKS – useful for engineers and product designers to tell a story about their designs. Explore fundamental knowledge of how to create a complete movie. Tips and advice from the expert on highlighting the best features of your work.

Topics covered:

  • Get used to the motion study interface
  • Manage a model with rotation, explosion, collapse
  • Write an awesome script
  • Learn how to make things move
  • Build keypoints for camera views
  • Write a script to control the appearance
  • Write a script that has appearances, camera views, and movement altogether
  • Top-notch rules for a great script
Course name SOLIDWORKS: Making Movies
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 3h 5m
Last updated: 9/19/2018



1.47 GB

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