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This awesome course will help you elevate 3D modeling skills with SketchUp. By taking part in the course, you will have the opportunity to comprehend navigating the interface, manipulating objects, drawing, leveraging organizational tools, and working with materials and textures on both Windows and Mac computers. The practical exercises are also provided to help you improve your understanding.

Topics covered:

  • Customizing the interface for Mac and Windows
  • Adjusting toolbars
  • Choose and migrate objects
  • Drawing lines and shapes
  • Modeling from a floor plan image
  • Resizing and rotating objects
  • Mastering organizational tools
  • Getting familiar with components
  • Generating and using materials
  • Animating and exporting your drawings


Course name SketchUp 2019 Essential Training
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 2h 20m
Last updated: 2/6/2019



1.28 GB


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