Free and direct link of Revit: Custom Furniture Modeling. Free and direct download with link shared!

If you desire to add some custom furniture in your Revit project, this course is indeed what you are looking for. After enrolling in the course, you will learn how to generate a complex furniture unit in Revit and also the way to build tiny detailed items. Tips for making custom materials and creating custom entourage are also included in the course.

Topics covered:

  • Beginning a custom furniture piece
  • Mastering extrusions, revolutions, and sweeps
  • Working with components
  • Applying materials
  • Building a custom material
  • Adding finishing touches


Course name Revit: Custom Furniture Modeling
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duaration 2h 6m
Last updated: 2/27/2019



412 MB


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