Download FREE Lynda – Maya 2019 Essential Training to be trained to create high-quality 3D models and animations in Maya 2019.

Get your hands on the skill of creating first-class 3D models and simulations in Maya 2019. This course offers extensive knowledge of all core features of Maya 2019.

From modeling to rendering, texturing and animation, whatever you are going to learn in this course would equally help you in film, game designing, and motion graphics and animation.

Course Outline:

  • Getting to know about Maya interface
  • The configuration of workspaces and viewports
  • Choosing and employing objects
  • Creating ladders and layers in various scenes
  • Creating multilateral models
  • Modeling and filtering multilateral meshes
  • Handling different surfaces of an object
  • Shaping up a simple landscape
  • Adjusting lights and cameras for a scene


Maya 2019 Essential Training
Part 1 (444 Mb) – Part 2 (444 Mb)– Part 3 (444 Mb) – Part 4 (407 Mb)


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