This post will give you a short description of a course about AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modeling (2014). Free and direct link download Lynda.

The major purpose of this course is to help you raise the level of your skills in using AutoCAD. Once you take part in the course, you will have the chance to discover extruding 2D plans into solid objects, cutting out wall openings and add doors and windows, building 3D staircases, and designing a complex roof surface. Your tutor will direct you to create a 3D tower and sculpt the surrounding landscape with NURBS surfaces.

What you will learn:

  • The course will guide you in arranging elevations and sections around a plan.
  • Upon completion, you will have the ability to extrude walls, interior partitions, and headers.
  • You will be able to build slabs and design doors, windows, and stairs
  • During the course, you will be taught to rotate objects in 3D
  • And more.



Course name Enhancing Landscape Photos with Photoshop and Lightroom
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duration 1h 30m
Last updated: 12/21/2018



561 MB

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