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This introductory training course helps you grasp the basic concepts behind visual programming with Dynamo and apply them to architectural modeling in Revit. Revit users find a way in solving modeling challenges in smarter, faster ways. Also, you can read and analyze data from outside sources, create new geometry, edit the geometry and so many more.

Topics covered:

  • Place and connect Dynamo nodes
  • Manage data types and math functions
  • Make number lists and text strings
  • Import data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Know how to filter and sort data
  • Create points, curves, surfaces, and solids
  • Examine geometry
  • Link a Dynamo-driven SAT to Revit
  • Place Revit families with Dynamo
  • Design Revit views and sheets with Dynamo
Course name Dynamo 2.x Essential Training
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duration 4h 34m
Last updated: 2/19/2019



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