Download Lynda – AutoCAD for Mac 2019 Essential Training, a very a few premium courses for Mac users.

Jim LaPier focuses on the basics of AutoCAD for Mac 2019 and helps you familiarize yourself with the application’s interface, file management, and toolset. It shows how to generate and adapt geometry according to your needs, work with layers, add magnitudes and comments, and process your drawings. You can also review the basics of 3D modeling in AutoCAD for Mac.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Guides to Navigating the interface
  • Tutorials to Accessing the palettes, tabs, and menus
  • How to Manage files
  • Tips to Configure new drawings
  • All about Zooming, panning, and working with views
  • Guides to Working with geometry
  • Modifying geometry
  • And much more


Last updated: 02/2019

AutoCAD for Mac 2019 Essential Training
Part 1 (270 Mb) – Part 2 (270 Mb)– Part 3 (259 Mb)

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