Free and direct link of the premiere course “ARKit and Unity: Build a Drivable Car in Augmented Reality”. Fast and free download.

In this course, you can grasp the essential knowledge of AR (augmented reality) as well as bolster your Unity skills. With the step-by-step guidelines, you can acquire the skill of driving a realistic car against a real-world backdrop. Moreover, the expert gives instruction on some special features like interacting with 3D objects and adding cool highlights to the car.

Topics covered:

  • Deal with the ARHitTest script
  • Make interaction with 3D objects in AR
  • Add the car model, touch control, realistic shadows and reflections
  • Resolve bugs and execute the app
  • Change the color of the car
  • Add lively animation to the car with special effects
Course name ARKit and Unity: Build a Drivable Car in Augmented Reality
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duration 1h 57m
Last updated: 2/21/2019



377 MB


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