Free and direct link of the premiere course “360 Video Production and Post”. Fast and free download.

This course introduces you to 360 Video technology – an amazing, creative professional way to create immersive content. You will walk through a basic understanding of employing essential tools. Next, the professionals give detailed instruction on more advanced concepts. Every knowledge is wrapped up in just one course only.

Topics covered:

  • How to tell the differences between 360 Video, virtual reality, and augmented reality
  • Make recording with Ambisonic sound
  • Make filmings with the Samsung 360 and the GoPro Omni
  • Ways to stitch 360 Video altogether
  • Import, edit, and organize VR clips in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X
  • Add transitions, effects, and graphics in Premiere Pro and After Effects
Course name 360 Video Production and Post (2019)
Official source: Lynda
Language English
Duration 4h 6m
Last updated: 12/21/2018



9.55 GB


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