Premium Project name: Headlines
Official information: Videohive 2973228
Perfect use for: crime, handcuff, headline, ident, journalism, law and order, local tv, news, police, program and more
Compatible software: Adobe After Effects CS6 or Above
Folder name: Headlines | Videohive 2973228 | Design-assets.Com
Total size 109.6 MB
Review Files & Download:


“Headlines” is a visionary After Effects project Templates that can be usefully applied to represent your NEWS program. It can be fully used for journalism, Crime report, Police Program, Law and Order,… This is a perfect fit for TV News Package.

There are some amazing highlights included in this project:

  • Both 1920×1080p and 1280×720p Resolutions are offered
  • A duration of 35 seconds long.
  • Particular and Cycorefx plugins are necessary during use.

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