You will get free download Gumroad – Megacity 01 – Modeling and rendering in Blender and Eevee.

This course will help you learn basic modeling, texturing and lookdev by using Blender 2.8, and then build a cityscape with it. Next step will be about Eevee – the new advanced realtime rendering viewport.

In the next period this course will help you with the production of final shots using Eevee and Photoshop.

Topics cover:

– Blender 2.8.
– Blender 2.8 Eevee texturing.

– Blender 2.8 Eevee lookdev.

This course is for Concept designers and other creatives who have desire to learn about Blender 2.8.

What will you get from this course

– A video tutorial lasts 2 hours.

–  Files about Blender.

– Any knowledge about Textures


Blender 2.8.

Some basic knowledge in this field.






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