In this share, we publish direct download link of the whole Greyscalegorilla Drive Graphic Bundle, 600 C4D project files and Tutorial in use.

According to Software3d, Greyscalegorilla Drive features hundreds of Cinema 4D and After Effects Scene files from 2003-2015. I scoured my archives and folders for every single C4D scene file that I could find. Tests, Projects, Dead Ends, Tutorials, Client Work. It’s all here and ready for you to use any way you want.


Greyscalegorilla Drive Graphic Bundle: Part 1 (2 Gb) – Part 2 (2 Gb)- Part 3 (2 Gb) – Part 4 (2 Gb) – Part 5 (2 Gb) – Part 6 (2 Gb) – Part 7 (2 Gb) – Part 8 (254 Mb)


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