Download FXPHD – NUK244 – NUKE Tips and Tricks, Volume 4

Enrolling this course you will learn:

  1. Introduction of 360 Theta camera
  2. Latitude and longtitude manipulations: How to modify lat long camera images to create painting and other manipulations
  3. Tips to lead Nuke camera following moving object (360 video).
  4. Manage Grain: Many ways to deal with grain management: both degraining and regraining.
  5. Multiple cameras merging: Learn how to mix multiple cameras together and manage camera distortions leading from external software.
  6. Rayrender reflections.
  7. Cryptomatte: Consider amazing plugin and examination of possibilities compared to standard puzzle mattes.
  8. Autocrop images: bbox management and tips to create bbox automatically.
  9. Python trick  1: Framehold
  10. Python trick 2: Viewer toggle
  11. How to better sharpen: various techniques to sharpen node of Nuke



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