Download FlippedNormals – Introduction to ZBrush, Speed up in sculpting in ZBrush.

Begin Sculpting
This section will cover the technical tools and skills to actually sculpt and advance to the next level.

Industry hiddens
Get familiar to techniques rarely illustrated outside of the big VFX houses.

What You’ll Learn

Teach you necessary knowledge to get started and learn about some must-have features to speed up. Discover how to customize ZBrush, provide you much enjoyable experience.

Learn how to gain accuracy when using brushes to make the product more natural and smooth. You will find it is not difficult to deal with Layers in ZBrush. At the end of this course, you will be shown way to sculpt a troll in real-time. You can explore knowledge to sculpt effectively and with method.


FlippedNormal-Introduction to   (download)
1.23 GB


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