Premium Project name: Dynamic Cartoon FX pack
Official information: Videohive 10964336
Perfect use for: cartoon, effects, elements, energy, exploision, fire, fx, liquid, neon, procedural and more
Compatible software: Adobe After Effects CS5 or Above
Folder name: Dynamic Cartoon FX pack – Videohive 10964336
Total size 1.9 GB
Review Files & Download:


Dynamic Cartoon FX” Pack is a collection of tools useful for motion designers and 2D animators. It comes with an After Effects project and over 100 cartoon FX-animations, which can be customized.

It also offers you some main highlights as listed below:

  • More than 100 dynamic animations that can be modified according to personal preferences.
  • Can design special animations
  • There are some SUPERSET animations
  • The Trapcode Particular plugin is advised to be set up when used
  • A Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080

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