In this topic you will get free download version of Gumroad – Advanced Sketching with 3D by Eytan Zana

Let try to develop the assets, find out the shot, then make it live again!!!

This will be 6 given video tutorial series, there will be 4 different sketches based on 3D Coat’s base. Every image will concentrate on utilizing a rang of tools to make you be clear about the versatility.

There will be also a 30 minute introduction of the program to help you understand more about 3D Coat.

Include all resources of 3D / Photoshop.

Topics cover these:

  • An overall view of 3D Coat.
  • Provide you composition Tips
  • Approach to find shot in 3D.
  • Painting in the base of 3D.
  • How to get Brush Quality.


Gumroad – Advanced Sketching with 3D by Eytan   (download)
2.44 GB



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