Download and really get FREE – Evermotion – Archexteriors vol 31, a collection that consists of a complete suburbian family house with eight interiors, garden and a car working for 3DS Max users.

Accoring to The Developer, There are 18 cameras in the scene (top view camera is not included). Archexteriors vol. 31 collection is fully textured with props, realistic lighting and vegetation.

  • Compatible softwares: for V-ray 3.5 with 3dsmax 2011 (or higher).
  • You get the two versions that contains – one is optimized for Forest Pack plugin, the other one does not need it.
  • All presented renders are with postproduction. PSD files are included.
  • System requirements: Intel i7 PC with 32 GB of ram and 64bit system
  • For more details, take a quick Look at the breakdown of this scene in our Tip of The Week.

Download Evermotion – Archexteriors vol 31


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