You can get this by download freely 3ds Max and V-Ray: Interior Lighting and Rendering – The course covers how to generate high-quality project renderings.

Through the lessons of this course you will explore the features of lighting, shading, rendering, and compositing of taking the use of 3ds Max and V-Ray.

This course will provide lessons to help you find out the methods to make daytime or nighttime lighting.

It will also help to analyze the benefits and drawbacks of different lighting methods by leveraging built-in camera lighting and adapting the lighting settings in a modeled condition.

Moreover, you can see the way a scene is rendered and then shift your render layers into Photoshop, in which you may use painting and compositing tools to make light and shadows.

At last, you can be given lessons to teach you about how to finalize your image for output.

DOWNLOAD 3ds Max and V-Ray: Interior Lighting and Rendering

1.07 GB


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